What to Expect


NEW TO 808

Welcome to the 808 community! We’re all about good vibes, second tries and best lives! We can’t wait for you to #FindYourBeat with us!


808 Together is a follow-along dance cardio party incorporating conditioning exercises, high intensity interval training and toning to target different parts of the body. You know your body best so feel free to modify any movements during class!


No problem! 808 welcomes everyone! No dance experience necessary! We focus on easy-to-follow, repetitive movements meant to keep your heart rate up!


Still nervous? We feel ya! Your first time can definitely feel challenging. We’ve been there too! Just remember, 808 is a safe space for everyone! Remember to relax and HAVE FUN! When you feel confused, follow the instructor’s feet first then add the arms when you’re ready!


808 regulars say it takes them 3 classes to get a hang of things. So don’t be too hard on yourself! Everything in 808 repeats, so if you attend one class, you’ll likely see the same movement patterns in the next. So what are you waiting for? See you, fam!


Log in to your 808 Studio Account to start the booking process. Class schedules for the week are released every Monday at 11AM so plan accordingly. Pick your desired schedule in our calendar and click to book – it’s that simple!


Plans change and we try our best to go with the flow. You can cancel your booking 12 hours before your class, and your credits will be returned. You can cancel online or by calling the studio. Class credit for cancellations done after the cut off time will not be returned.


Can’t get into your desired class? Sign-up for the waitlist instead! You will be added to the class and notified via email once a spot opens up for you, so if you no longer want a spot, make sure to take yourself off the waitlist to avoid getting charged.

Before Class

Arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes before your scheduled class to get yourself settled in. Check in at the front desk, refill your water, stash your gear into our lockers, hang out at the studio and make the most out of your 808 Studio Experience.

Once studio doors are open, you can enter the room and pick your spot! Spots are designated on the floor to ensure enough space between dancers so you all don’t bump into each other! We like to have fun but we want you all to stay safe.

If you do not check in 5 minutes before class, your reserved spot may be released to a waitlisted client.

We do not allow entry into class 5 minutes after it starts due to safety reasons.


Class is a follow-along dance cardio session. Don’t worry if you have zero dance experience, we’re here to bring out the fun in fitness! Our in-house DJs mix tracks on the spot, so expect high-energy, beat-bumping music with lights to complete the party vibe. Our instructors are here to help you through every step throughout the class and expect a lot of jumping, dancing, strength training and laughing!

After Class

Make sure to stay hydrated after class and allow your body enough time to recover! You might be a bit sore and that’s ok. Your body is doing the work and you’re getting stronger after each class. Reach out to our team members for any questions you may have about post class recovery.

Have more concerns? Our FAQs might have the answer for you!